medi-dyne Tuli's Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cup

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Nothing works better or lasts longer than your Tuli’s® - Shock absorbers for your feet.

Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups, provide additional thickness and support for athletic performance.

The foot is a complex structure, impeccably designed for balance and mobility. So when we looked to deliver the best support available, we simply turned to nature.

Bio-mechanically Designed
Tuli’s® patented, multi-cell, multi-layer “waffle” design absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet. Upon impact, the waffle construction bears down and rotates with the normal motion of the foot to absorb the shock of walking and running; keeping your feet, knees, hips and back in alignment for maximum comfort and performance.

Ultimate Heel Pain Relief
The #1 Podiatrist recommended Tuli's heel cup provides immediate relief from heel pain by cushioning the area of pain and elevating the heel bone to take pressure off of the Achilles tendon which lessens the tension and allows for a regaining of flexibility.

Lighter, Softer, More Resilient
TuliGEL™ is exclusively formulated to be lighter, softer and more resilient than other gels. Softer gel means better shock absorption and increased comfort with or without socks. It’s so light you’re likely to forget it’s there.

Two Styles Available
Classic Gel Heel Cups - flexible enough for any shoe.
Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups - provides additional thickness and support for athletic performance.

Lifetime Warranty
Tuli’s uses the longest-lasting and best-performing materials available so they can be backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Sizing for the Best Fit

Regular - Men's shoe sizes 7 and under. Women's shoe sizes 9 and under.
Large - Men's shoe sizes 8 and up. Women's shoe sizes 10 and up.

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