Asics Metaspeed Sky Paris

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The ASICS METASPEED Sky Paris is a lightweight and propulsive racing shoe designed to help athletes reach a new personal best in long-distance road races like the half and full marathon. The Sky Paris is specifically engineered for stride style runners by directing the energy return in a vertical direction to enhance stride length when picking up the pace.

The midsole has been updated with a new FF TURBO PLUS foam for more cushioned landings and greater energy return. To maximize the responsiveness further, the positioning of the carbon fiber plate has been optimized by situating the plate closer to the foot and widening the design in the forefoot to create a more explosive toe-off.

The shoe's outsole is composed of a durable ASICSGRIP rubber that ensures traction through all road conditions, and a new MOTION WRAP 2.0 upper completes the ASICS METASPEED Sky Paris with enhanced fit and breathability that not only reduces weight but secures the foot firmly on the shoe's platform. Overall, the ASICS METASPEED Sky Paris is an excellent option for runners looking to maximize their performance in long-distance races.

What You’ll Love

  • MOTION WRAP 2.0 upper for the ultimate fit
  • FF TURBO PLUS cushioning
  • Optimized carbon fiber plate
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