ALTRA Men's Torin 5

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Altra has upgraded the Torin 5 to be lighter and more comfortable than ever before. The Torin 5 will have a new luxurious cushioning package with a zero millimeter drop and the classic Altra foot-shaped toe box giving runners a comfortable daily training option.

What You'll Love

  • New premium foam
  • Lighter than previous models
  • Foot-shaped toe box for wider feet and toe splay

Designed to find the perfect balance of performance and comfort, the Altra Torin 5 will offer a natural running experience with its 0mm drop, foot-shaped toe-box, and premium Altra EgoMax cushioning. The addition of EgoMax foam will be an innovative update to the Torin line and offer runners a more responsive and plush underfoot feel. With an engineered mesh upper and a durable outsole, the Altra Torin 5 will be lighter and more comfortable than before making this shoe perfect for anyone looking to add a low drop shoe to their daily training.

What's New

  • EgoMax Foam
  • Updated upper
| Noah

This is my favorite Altra to date. It has just the right amount of cushion and a super generous toe box, while still having security in the heel and middle of the foot. The upper seems real breathable too even in this crazy KS humidity and heat! Well done Altra!

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