Addaday IRONMAN BioChair Pro

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This is not just another airport massage chair. The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro was designed and developed by Doctors and BioMechanists for: 

RunnersCyclistsSwimmersTrail RunnersUltra Marathoners and MarathonersCross Country SkiersXterra TriathletesOpen Water and Master Swimmers, MMABoxers, and all other Endurance Athletes.

It Features:





After a long day of training or a competition, you just want to lay down and let technology do the recovery work for you. The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro does precisely that. This is your foam roller, air compression device and heating pad all rolled into one. The Addaday IRONMAN® BioChair Pro is more than a massage chair, it is a Total Body Recovery System. 

The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro can help an athlete recover faster and sleep better. With just 30 hours of use, the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro pays for itself. That is just 1 hour a day for 1 month. It’s the Ultimate Recovery Tool that every athlete should have.


With BioScan Technology, the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro scans your body, mapping your spinal curvature to get to know your body before each treatment session. Taking care of you from head to toe with Dynamic Air Compression, Zero Gravity Inversion and Targeted MyoFascial Release Rollers, the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro allows you to sit down, relax and recover after a hard training session or competition. It is this specificity and attention to you, that allows you to experience a full body massage tailored to your needs in the comfort of your own home.

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