GU Energy Chews

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  • GU Energy Chews come with 18 easy to open double-serving sleeves, each containing 8 energy dense chews (4 per serving) for a total of 36 servings
  • 80 calories per serving and essential electrolytes in a portable packet make it easy to eat while running, biking, or anywhere on the go
  • Created for daily training and competition, consume one serving (4 chews) 5 minutes before and every 45 minutes during activity
  • Energy-dense calories packed in each portable Chew packet help sustain energy demands of long duration activities and Branched-chain amino acids decrease muscle damage and mental fatigue
  • Watermelon is Caffeine Free, and contains 40mg Sodium, 40mg Potassium, 400mg Amino Acids per serving; Vegan and Gluten Free
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