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The LifeFit® insole is the ideal companion for your everyday life. The development of the LifeFit® has not only been based on the latest scientific findings, but above all on feedback and requests from our CURREX community.

With the LifeFit® insole we now offer you much more comfort, relief and activity in your daily life. Whether at work, in your free time, while shopping, walking or on your next city trip - the LifeFit® makes every shoe your favourite!

Our unique relief technology and dynamic support for the sole of your foot ensure fresh legs and relaxed feet even after a long day.

CURREX Insoles are available in three different designs: the HIGH, MED, LOW profiles differ in particular in their height to adapt to the arch of the foot and in their strength.

The shape of your foot (hollow foot, flat foot...) and your legs determines which insole profile suits you best and thus helps you to optimize your movement individually.

Because not only the shape of your foot is decisive, but also the forces that act on it through your legs.

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