TIFOSI OPTICS Salto Blackout Smoke Red Mirror

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Unleash your inner explorer with Salto, the rugged square-style aviator sunglasses built for conquering the great outdoors. With its bold design, robust shatterproof lenses, and ingenious integrated hinge, Salto ensures you not only look sharp but also stay fully protected and agile, free from frame bounce or hair tugs. Gear up for any adventure that dares to cross your path.


Salto exudes an aura of timeless toughness and unyielding resilience, making it the ultimate companion for your adrenaline-fueled escapades. Its rugged square-style aviator silhouette not only commands attention but also stands up to the toughest challenges of your active lifestyle. Crafted with ultra-durable shatterproof lenses, these sunglasses offer uncompromising protection against the elements, shielding your eyes from the harshest UV rays and unexpected impacts.


Leave discomfort and distractions in the dust. Salto's ingenious integrated hinge ensures a rock-solid fit with zero frame bounce, empowering you to move with unwavering confidence and precision on every rugged terrain. Bid farewell to hair pulls, allowing you to maintain your focus and determination without missing a beat. Whether you're scaling cliffs, blazing trails, or soaking in the sun's rays, Salto keeps you cool, comfortable, and in control at all times.


With Salto as your steadfast companion, no adventure is too daunting, no terrain too rugged. Whether you're venturing into remote wilderness, navigating bustling urban jungles, or charting your own course through uncharted territories, these aviator sunglasses are your ultimate ally. From the crack of dawn to the twilight hours, Salto ensures you're fully equipped and primed for every challenge that awaits.



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