Gel-lined TOE protectors 5 tubes

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  • Soft fabric coated toe tubes are lined with a gentle latex free gel that softens, hydrates and promotes healing. Perfect for reducing a corn between toes or relieving toe rubbing.
  • Measure your toes - The size of your toes often have little correlation to the size of your feet. Wrap a string around the toe, mark it, then place on a ruler to determine the circumference. These toe protectors are 1.6 inch circumference around your toe, and made of a stretch material. 5 toe tubes, each measuring just less than 6 inches for a total of 29 inches.
  • These toe tubes are designed to be cut to the perfect length so that you can protect a toe corn, callus or blister on any toe.
  • This toe sleeve won't slip off like a corn or callus toe pad, making it superior to toe pads for corns, calluses and blisters when all-day comfort matters most
  • Medical-grade gel is latex free and washable making it reusable and allergy friendly. Not for use on open or seeping wounds.
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