Create your perfect running outfit with Diadora running clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each item is designed to follow you through every training, pro or amateur, with the maximum comfort and breathability. Since the dawn of time, running has been fundamentally important activity in the evolution of mankind: from hunting to fleeing enemies or hungry predators, to races in the first Olympic games. These days, running is popular as a healthy and enjoyable activity that tones the body and relaxes the mind. Runners may be faster or slower yet they are always enthusiastic, so much so that running has become an actual lifestyle for them. And since following passions is important in life, Diadora is on hand to provide runners with a choice of running clothes, apparel, and shoes. From running shoes featuring an adequate shock-absorption system for joints to the refinement of the materials used in the running apparel, including breathable t-shirts, waterproof jackets, trousers and shorts, up to the practicality of its sports bags and rucksacks, Diadora runs alongside you, always offering the same guarantee of quality.