Saucony Endorphin Shift

Saucony Endorphin Shift

Scoob reviews the Saucony Endorphin Shift, Cushioned stability shoe.

Saucony Endorphin Shift ($140) 

“Max cushioning. Full speed. Enjoy a truly effortless ride in the Endorphin Shift. With a lofty bed of PWRRUN cushioning and fine-tuned stability features, it guides and propels your stride with continuous momentum. And with its supportive and breathable mesh upper, you can look forward to faster, feel-good runs every day of the week.”

First Impression: This shoe is a great option for daily training. It has a generous amount of PWRRUN cushioning, a SPEEDROLL rocker, a touch of stability, and a FORMFIT upper that really hugs your foot. Initially, the sheer amount of cushioning and heavy rocker action are the first things that really jump out at me.

Fit: The Shift’s have an awesome FORMFIT upper that really hugs your foot. The heel comes up a little higher than most other shoes, but it doesn’t rub at all. The Heel area feels almost like a bucket seat for the back of your foot. Up front, the upper feels snug but not overly tight. The fit generally runs true to size both length and width-wise. 

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Performance: After putting nearly 100 miles on this shoe, it’s quickly become one of my new favorites, and main daily trainers. The combination of solid fit, great cushion, and the SPEEDROLL rocker make this an awesome workhorse trainer, and feels like putting your legs on cruise control. The cushioning system is soft, but not overly squishy – the perfect happy medium! The TPU support offers a slight bit of stability as well. This isn’t the best choice for extreme pronators, but the small amount of stability should not deter any neutral runners. I generally stay very neutral and still love this shoe. The Shift isn’t exactly the best option for faster tempo runs or speedwork, but in terms of easy mileage and long runs it is among the best shoes out there.

Tech Specs/ Talking Points: 

  • PWRRUN- Saucony’s Main Foam. Quite soft, but not overly squishy or bouncy.
  • FORMFIT – Saucony’s Upper Technology that really hugs your foot and provides a nice secure fit.
  • SPEEDROLL – The “Rocker” shape on the bottom of the shoe. Very similar to the feel of a HOKA rocker.
  • TPU Support Wrap – Provides a touch of stability, but not enough to deter any neutral runners.


  • Hoka Clifton
    • The best way to describe this shoe is like a Clifton with a touch of stability. I am partial to the shift, but if you’ve had success with the Clifton then the Shift may be worth a try.
  • Other Endorphin Series Shoes
    • The Shift is much different than the other shoes in the Endorphin Series, but if you have enjoyed the Endorphin Pro as a racing shoe or the Endorphin Speed as a workout shoe, the Shift should be a must-add to your daily training rotation.

Who is this shoe right for?: Anyone looking for a comfortable, cushioned, and supportive daily trainer. Because of the shoe’s light stability, it works for nearly all gait patterns (with the exception of extreme pronators). The shift is one of my personal favorites, and is one of the most universal options on the market.