Reebok Floatride Energy Symmetros

Reebok Floatride Energy Symmetros

Scoob reviews the Reebok Energy Symmetros, a new edition to MRC.

Reebok Energy Symmetros ($130)

Whether you’re circling the track or weaving through commuters on city sidewalks, these men’s running shoes are designed to do it all. A breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool, and the lightweight midsole cushions each step of your long runs, intervals and everything in between.

Preview from Scoob: I don’t think I have run in Reebok’s ever before up to this year. That being said, this shoe exceeded my expectations as well as most of my coworkers. This sleek shoe has a great fit and high quality materials for 130$.

If the shoe fits:

Right when I pulled these shoes out of the cool and somewhat vintage looking Reebok box, I noticed it was super lightweight and streamlined all around. I tried it on and was surprised that it accompanied a wider toe box fairly well. The upper mesh is nice and super breathable with a gusseted tongue that doesn’t feel crowded. The heel and collar are super secure around the ankle and have a lot of extra padding while also having that little swoop to make sure the achilles is free to move frictionlessly and comfortably. The extra padding would be something to consider if you have struggled with achilles tendonitis or know you have sensitive achilles. It also features some reflective material which can be so simple but also a literal lifesaver. Moving onto the midsole, this Floatride Energy is dense, bouncy, and still controlled. It is a very dynamic and springy feeling going heel to toe. Comparing it to other brands I would say it is very similar to Adidas Boost foam. It is close to the Nike’s react foam but more soft and less bouncy. Maybe not as plush and soft as the Saucony PWRRUN+ foam but similar bounciness. If you have tried and liked any of these foams I think this shoe will be a good alternative for you to try something new. I maybe would recommend coming in and try them on rather than ordering online because the sizing is a little big compared to a few brands. My pair seems like there is maybe a little extra room towards the toes.

Performance Review:

This shoe is very versatile. It has a secure, lightweight, and breathable feel that can feel great for the longer runs. I have gotten a little over 100 miles in this shoe. The responsive bouncy foam has felt great on my faster intervals and miles. As you go heel to toe you can feel the heel’s bevel heel design(curved or angled heel) that makes the transition real smooth. The midsole and outsole combo is great mix that assists a super responsive stride. I noticed that this shoe feels good and does real well with side to side movement in addition to feeling comfortable when running. I have worn them doing weightlifting and box jumps and hurdle drills. I think the responsive yet still cushioned midsole/outsole combo makes this shoe unique in that you can use it for a diverse amount of training. Once again I noticed the extra padding in the heel counter might’ve been a touch too much for some people. While I liked how it makes my heel feel secure I do have a fear of my achilles tendonitis flaring up if I do too much training in this shoe.

Reading some feedback online I think there is a common opinion of it feeling nice but being suspiciously noticeable and maybe too much. If you have never had a problem with achilles tendonitis I wouldn’t worry about it though.

Compares to: Reebok Floatride Energy 3.0Nike React MilerAsics Nimbus Lite 2,  Saucony Freedom 4, New Balance 880v10Brooks Ghost 13, Hoka Rincon 2, Adidas Ultraboost 2.0,


I think this shoe surprised a lot of people just like it surprised me. It is dynamic and comfortable for only 130$. In my opinion they look really sweet too, easily passing off as just casual stylish shoes. My coworker Cayli has love them for her fast track reps and daily runs. The rest of the crew also frequently enjoys wearing them to work, the gym, and when they get out and run too. Stop by and give Reebok a try, they have really impressed us!