Endorphin Speed

Endorphin Speed

Shoe review for the Saucony Endorphin Speed

Run faster. Not harder. From tempo workouts to race day, the Endorphin Speed makes running faster feel easier. With a responsive nylon plate and ultralight, springy PWRRUN PB cushioning, it’s a versatile take on speed-driven performance. And with plenty of durability to boot, you have a pair of shoes that can go the distance over the course of your run, and your season.

black gold endorphin speed


SUPPORT: Neutral
HEEL TO TOE OFFSET: 4 mm (35.5 heel/27.5 forefoot)
WEIGHT: 6.8oz (198g) women’s / 7.8oz (221g) men’s
USE: Road Running, speedwork, racing
SURFACE: Road, track, urban

Preview by Scoob: This shoe is at the top of everybody’s list for a reason. Saucony’s PWRRUN PB is super soft and spring. The shoe has the dynamic SPEEDROLL technology that transfers you to your toes with some pop courtesy of the full-length nylon plate. 

If the shoe fits: 

This shoe is fantastic. The upper is FORMFIT and it hugs your foot allowing a little bit of give to let your foot breath while you’re out their pushing yourself. The feeling of the PWRRUN PB and nylon plate make you feel ready to perform at your best but without sacrificing the comfort that a carbon-fiber plate might take away. The Endorphin Speed’s SPEEDROLL is probably my favorite part, it creates a smoother stride no matter the pace. I like the thin tongue that is secure and accompanied by nice think laces. The shoe’s traction meets expectations, and the durability of the shoe surprises. The upper is a nice and breathable mesh that I thought might not be super durable, but I think it is one of my favorite uppers around. It is nice, light, breathable, and flexible which helps my wider foot fit in the somewhat narrow toe box. While I think a wide would’ve helped prevent some hot spots when I was sprinting, my foot was still comfortable and secure.  

Performance Review:  

The Endorphin Speed meets the expectations of all of my performance needs. The high-quality foam in the midsole was nice and soft and gave me some spring with the nylon plate. The SPEEDROLL gave quite the pop during a smooth takeoff. The shoe is incredibly light while also still having structure. Some people might want to add an insole if they need a more supportive shoe, because I thought this shoe lacked the structure on the inside of the foot in comparison to most. I wore this shoe for a variety of training. Shorter and longer runs, as well as short interval reps and long uptempo runs. Typically, on the ends of the 8ish mile uptempo runs my feet started to almost feel sore on the arch of my foot. I think this could be avoided by using an insole. Regardless the shoe felt awesome in all aspects of training and was my go-to for any high level and higher volume training days for months.  

white endorphin speed

Previous Model: This is a brand new model for Saucony.

Compares to: This shoe is made for speed and road running. I would compare it to shoes like the Diadora Equipe Corsa and Brooks Hyperion Tempo.


The hype is real on this shoe. The midsole and plate combo are capable of elite training while being comfortable enough for everyday runs. The shoe’s weight is close to nothing, and it is nice and breathable for the hot and humid summer days. The shoe might lack support for some but can easily be fixed with a Currex Insole. Give this shoe a shot if you are looking to put some speed in your stride.