Ian Says - New Balance Vongo V6 Review

Ian Says - New Balance Vongo V6 Review

New Balance Vongo v6 Review: A Casual Runner's Perspective


As a casual runner I logged 50 miles for this review, I've had the opportunity to break in the New Balance Vongo v6 and form some solid opinions on its performance. This stability shoe has proven to be quite runnable, making it a reliable choice for my daily miles.




One of the standout features of the Vongo v6 is its cushioning. There's a good amount of it for it being a stability shoe, enough to provide the stability I need without throwing my ankles over the edge. The balance between cushioning and stability makes it ideal for daily use, offering comfort over longer runs without feeling too soft or unstable.



In full transparency, my first couple of runs in these shoes weren't perfect. My toes went numb, which was concerning. This might indicate a narrow toe box, a common issue for some runners. However, I decided to stick with it, and after a few more runs, the problem disappeared. Whether it was my feet adjusting or I maybe just had too much salt that day, I can't say for sure. What matters is that the issue didn't persist, and now the fit feels much more comfortable. The Vongo V6 has stayed in my rotation.



As a stability shoe, the Vongo v6 does its job well. The design supports my feet adequately, helping to manage pronation without feeling overly rigid. This makes it versatile enough for various distances and paces, from short daily runs to longer weekend outings. If I run in anything other than a stability shoe I feel the consequences of my actions the next morning: shin splints, soreness ect. After my runs in the Vongo v6 I did a little bit of stretching but didn’t have any shin splints or soreness!



The New Balance Vongo v6 has proven to be a dependable companion for my casual running routine. Despite the initial hiccup with toe numbness, the shoe's performance has been consistently positive. Its cushioning and stability strike a good balance, making it a solid choice for runners looking for a reliable daily trainer.



If you're a casual runner in need of a stability shoe that doesn't compromise on comfort or cushioning, the New Balance Vongo v6 is worth considering. Just be mindful of the initial fit and give it more than just one run for you to make up your mind. That goes for any shoe. Your feet might thank you for your patience!


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