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If you like to head out on long rides where you’ll need to be stopping at a lonely gas station to buy some more water, or if you’re racing at the weekend minus a support staff, you may find the Accelerade Single Serving packs will be the easiest way to have access to the most advanced protein energy drink at your fingertips. This way you’ll be able to supplement your rehydration process with the clever combination of carbohydrates and proteins to help you provide your weary muscles with the sort of energy and antioxidants they need to sprint you to the line.
By including protein into the mix, Accelerade is confidently flying in the face of outmoded conventional wisdom, which neglected the importance of protein intake in the course of exercise. When appropriately timing the intake of protein, the Accelerade Drink Mix studies have addressed the debate by contending that protein, when consumed in the correct ratio to carbohydrates, not only fuels muscle cells, but also enhances rehydration. Accelerade Sports Drink contains the magic 4:1 carb to protein ratio that Accelerade Sports Drink patented. It is a formula that has been proven in multiple studies to provide more energy, faster, compared to the leading carb-only gels. Studies were undertaken testing endurance cyclists, and found that there was increased endurance by 29%, decreased muscle damage by 83% and even increased endurance in a subsequent workout performed almost 24 hours later by 40%. And combat those who think that the intake of protein in the course of rigorous exercise hampers the absorption of water; researchers found that Accelerade in fact increased rehydration by 29% compared to carb-based only sports drinks. The science behind those findings rests on the way Accelerade combines three rapid-acting carbs with the proteins used, including whey and soy protein, which activate multiple sodium transport systems. The effect is that your body is better able to absorb the liquids you consume.
The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the powder. Accelerade Sports Drink offers multiple flavors that will give you different taste options depending on your mood and preference. One packet of the powder will dissolve in twelve ounces of water and can be used before, during and after a workout first to give you the energy you require and then to help combat muscle fatigue and damage. With an eye toward what natural ingredients will aid in your recovery, the Accelerade Sports Drink also has several other nutrients such as 100% of your C and E vitamins added to the mix. In addition to vitamin C’s well-known benefits to your immune system, both C and E are powerful antioxidants, which will help to battle the free radicals that result from extensive exercise. Your endurance will increase while your post-exercise muscle damage will decrease.
You can’t always be carrying around the 30 or 60 serving canister. But whether you have a couple stuffed in your car or in your seat pack for emergencies, the Accelerade Single Serving packs will always be on hand to help you get through a long ride and then recover afterwards, so that you will always be ready for the next challenge. 
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