OS1ST AC4 Active Comfort Socks Crew

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  • Ultra-soft nylon treated with silver-ion technology for anti-bacterial odor and moisture wicking ability
  • NanoBamboo Charcoal ionized fiber cushion
  • Skin Thin ™ Technology to increase air flow and temperature regulation
  • Seamless construction
  • Left/right design for anatomical fit
  • Y-Gore heel
  • Hand wash and hang dry only with non-bleach detergent


  1. Light compression (less than 15 mmHg) for comfort and circulation
  2. Moderate compression (10-15 mmHg) for foot support and friction relief 
  3. Light compression (less than 15 mmHg) for shaped-to-fit feel 
  4. Light compression (less than 15 mmHg)  for non-binding comfort
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